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Latest Text Update - Manga Sutra Review

29th May 08 11:28

And now the waiting begins. I finished my last exam this morning, so it's now a case of sitting about waiting for results. Not something I particularly enjoying. That being said it does mean I can finally start working on some projects I've really wanted to get stuck into, like Learn With Anna.

Wednesday 28th May 2008 at 5:10 in the morning.

Ok so I've been trying REALLY hard to work through this Sports & Excercise Psychology elective in preparation for my exam on ... tomorrow. But the trouble with a module that's completely done online (bar the exam), is that to get to it you have to go on the internet. Bah! Too many distracting websites live there! Sites that can have you captivated for hours with little to no reason. This is doubled when you really want to get work done. I couldn't help myself and have been nosing through the archives of Lolcats (and it's sister sites), chuckling along wherever a pointless cheesy comment was made. I even did my own caption for one cute dog. Before you start to 'hound' me (lol, sorry, couldn't help myself with that awful pun), it's intentionally spelled that way. I'm looking at you Viv!

funny pictures

26th May 08 11:11pm

Wow, that sure was a long trip to McDonalds! Joined by two from friends from Uni, we then decided to go on a random road trip which leaded us to another friends house in Keighley. After climbing around on random rocks and climbing up a disused turret (pictures available on facebook), we called it a day. Now I'm exhausted, and I hope this'll get my sleeping pattern back in line ... hope.

Monday 26th May 2008 (Bank Holiday) 6:05pm

This morning I finally got around to writing up my review of the Manga Sutra. Not a bad read, and to be honest I found it more funny than anything else. I've slightly modified the Articles and Reviews pages so that they're easier to distinguish each link. Also a thanks to Aileen 'Blossom' Strauch for indirectly reminding me that I have an account on Manga Revolution (now added to the bar on the left). Right, that's all for now, I'm off to McDonalds.

24th May 08 1:12am

Well, I've got one more exam to go and then I'm done for this year (exculding any resits I may have to do in August). As a miny celebration, I've made the anime / animation section of the site, and put my two favourite pieces there. Please is an animation tackling the social issue of drinking and driving and My Brother is an animation showing the life of a young runaway.

Monday 19.5.08 21.04

This should be my last entry today, and what a day it's been. Thankfully the folk involved with the writing on the car have come forward to me. I always appreciate honesty, so thanks for stepping forward. Needless to say that the facebook group has closed. Still no word yet on the light.

Today's really taken it's toll. First of all the fact that I've only had an hour sleep since yesterday, secondly the physical trekking up the hill from Leodis to Uni, thirdly the mental capacity I've put myself in. I don't think I'll be having any trouble sleeping tonight. One thing has cropped up though, that is to say I've realised something (and this came about from an MSN conversation with a friend), it really does take a lot these days for me to put fists up; a state of anger and rage I've not had since I was a teen. That being said I have felt the need to find an outlet for stress that neither Rock Paper Scissors, Lotaku, or anything I'm surrently involved with can offer me. That is except for when I made that wallpaper last night.

Like I said in an earlier entry today, I'm in reflective mood. Being totally blunt and honest, I believe that I will fail my Japanese exam on Thursday. Don't send emails saying "Oh don't worry, you'll do fine" or similar, that kind of pity doesn't work for me (I'm a realist). So when the time comes that I'll be facing a repeat year, I'll welcome it. If I fail that, then maybe I'll consider an animation or digital art degree. That being the case, don't think I've totally given up on passing, I'm still working hard and giving it my all.

19th May 08 (again) 18.40

And wouldn't you know it, things can get worse. After relaxing a little bit (and actually getting an hours kip) I went to check my lights with a friend, just to make sure that they were still working. Whilst there she discovered a lovely piece of graffiti written on the back of the car. Yes, I'm pissed. Yes, I'm angry. Yes, I'm considering options. And yes, I want to know who had the cheek to write "sorry darlo these people are arseholes. I arrived late. sorry." on my car. I've set up a group on Facebook to help gather information, but if whoever wrote it lets me know there will be no action taken (except maybe cleaning it off). For fuck sake this is not what I need right now!

"sorry darlo these people are a**eholes. I arrived late. sorry."

Monday 19-5-08 12:45pm

I won the tournament (mentioned in previous post). Unfortunately we couldn't find any CCTV footage that shows the damage to my car. Balls, eh. I did get a spot of good news today. I passed my programming module ... just! The pass mark is 40, and that's what I hit. Lucky eh. Problem is will I be lucky enough in my two exams coming up. The answer is no.

I've still not slept yet, so I'm going to try to get an hours kip as I can feel myself going. If you've got my contact details, can you give me a buzz at about 2ish to make sure I'm up? I'm counting on ya!

Monday 19 May 0805hrs

I've not been into the Leodis office yet. Mainly because it's not long passed 8, when it opened. Once again I've not been to bed. I did try to sleep, but I just couldn't. My body is completely exhausted, but my mind is too active to let me sleep. This means I'm entering my honest and reflective period; sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not. I've been listening to a huge range of music during the night, ranging from Rammstein to Genshiken and Styx to M People. Also on behalf of Simon Withers, a mate of mine from Shropshire, I made a new Wallpaper. It's not on here yet, but will be soon. For now those of you with me on facebook can see it there.

Today I'll be going into uni to get my mark for my programming module. As you know I wasn't a massive fan of Python (or it's confusing range of beginners textbooks, but I managed to hand in a piece of software that was pretty spiffy (and actually did what the brief asked it to). Also at this time I'm playing on PKR (for the record the song playing now is "Let Me Be With You" from the "Chobits" anime series. The sun is shining quite brightly outside. It's both awe inspiring and sickening.

18th May 2008 - five to six pm

This post contains a swear word. Select the gap to see it.
Ok, I've officially had it with Leodis. What's driven me over the edge though has nothing to do with the site, it's the area. I went out to get some milk today and noticed that someone's smashed my rear right light casing. Of course naturally I thought it was the same fuckers who tried to steal my car a few months ago, but I'll have to wait. Tomorrow I'll go into the site office to see if their CCTV saw anything, but naturally I've had enough of this area. If you're planning on coming to Leeds Uni, don't bring your car (especially if you're going to the stupidly expensive Leodis).

Darlo's Car Suffers Again

Sunday 23:04 (11th May 08)

Well tomorrow begins the official exam period. Yes I've already had one, my Japanese language oral, but this is where it gets serious. I have an exam at 9am tomorrow, and wouldn't you know it, the power supply across Leeds Uni Accommodation is being screwy (official reports (ish) from Leodis, James Bailie Park and North Hill Court). Well I guess I should be thankful it's not sodding fire alarms again. But then again, they went off in the wee hour of the morning, and it's still before midnight O_O.

Saturday 10 May 23:20

Yes folks it's been a while. Sorry about the lack of updates but sometimes I really don't feel like 'Internetting', you know? Anywho I had my Japanese oral exam on Tuesday. It was pretty scary. Though I think I've passed it, I don't think I did very well on it. I've got more exams on Monday and Wednesday this week, so if you're trying to get ahold of me and can't, then that's why. Oh yeah, I've archived my April entries.