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If you click this, Darlo can eat ^_^

If you click this, Darlo can eat ^_^

Monday 31st March 08 @ 6.15am

Wow! Sleep. My word, wow! Since I've got back to Leeds my sleep has really caught up with itself. I took a random stop on the way back to see a friend of mine in Preston and ended up coming back along A and B roads. On that part of the trip, I could feel myself drifting away so I had to stop a few times and get some extra sleep in. When I got back to Leeds I thought about stopping at Asda to buy food and so on, this was about 8pm, but thought "sod it, I'm going to bed". After doing a very quick email check I was in bed by 9 and decided not to set my alarm clock.
I woke up yesterday at about 7am (technically 6am as the clocks went forward), so did a quick email check and tidied up a bit before going to Asda. After doing the shopping (and being very annoyed that they had no way for you to weigh your fruit and veg before reaching the checkout ಠ_ಠ), including buying ingredients to make Pancakes and Jamaican style Guinness Punch, I headed home and sat in the kitchen talking to Iris, my flatmate. Come 5pm I started feeling a little drowsy, so I had a nap. That nap has resulted in me only just now getting out of bed! Wow, an 11 hour nap! That's immense considering I'm used to getting about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night! Well that's all for this morning's entry. See y'all around.

Sat 29th Mar 08 - Morning

So far I've managed to do two nights with ... ok sleep. Today I'm heading back to Leeds so this is effectively the end of my holiday. Yeah there's still a week or two left before lectures start up again, but I want to try and catch up on some of the Japanese that I've forgotton. Likewise get my programming coursework out of the way. Last night I met up with Chris and Vicky from Lanton Entertainment and we had pizza and a good long chat. Last time we met up was just over a year and half ago when I was working in Prestatyn (PGL @ Pontins), but just like then it was a lot of fun. They're getting married soon so I'd better start working on their wedding gift *hush hush*. Well that's all for now, I'm jst about to pack up the car and ... yes, the car. A friend of my dad managed to get it sorted so it's at least drivable again. ^_^ Awesome. As a final thought I'd like to wish Sean a happy hangover.

27th March at 10:16pm

Well folks it looks likt tonight I could be going to bed nice and early. Reason? No sleep since about 5pm yesterday. Anywho, I've completed making the Traditional Art gallery, and now just need to upload all my bits and bobs. For now I've got these four in there. G'nite y'all!
Summer Card Drawing 3 Summer Card Drawing 2 Summer Card Drawing 1 Tinkerkats Tribute

27th March 1pm

Wow, once again I'm running on coffee and mental grit. Man I need to sort my sleep out. Thanks to Ehryn for some tips, I'll try those out. As for an update of the site, I've done a fair bit today. I've updated the Director's section on the Actor/Video section of the site, and as soon as I can track down some old videos more will come. I've also worked a lot on the Galleries, so please check them out. Once again they will be updated with more items real soon.

26th March 1.11am

Well I've updated the Photoshop, Paint, Graphics Tablet, Finger Pad comparison thingy so that it fits with the site much better. Pretty swank if I do say so myself. On Channel 4 is the Highlander Games, but I'm shocked to see only one Scottish guy (there's one English guy, some European men and two American boys). On that note, hi Jamie! ^_^ Hope the Scottish guy wins!

25th March 2008 0154hrs

Ok, as you've probably guessed by now I have sleep troubles. Not good. After falling asleep at some time around 9am this morning, I got out of bed at 6.30pm. For some reason I'm just not feeling tired during the night, so just can't sleep. Anyone have any tips? Emails to the usual address. I've started changing the Darlo Compares article to fit in with the main site, and have so far done the first page, paint with a finger pad and photoshop with a finger pad. Hopefully I'll do the rest by the end of tomorrow. Well that's all for now, later!

24 Mar 08 2:24am

It was my cousin's 18th birthday today so we went to Peterborough (I think) for a bit of a shindig. It was cool, but on the way home I started to get travel sick. It does happen to me sometimes, which is why I normally like driving (as in behind the wheel) most places so I can focus on the road ahead. I'm back home now and thankfully feeling a bit better. Awesome cake was eaten!

22 Mar 08 6:49pm

Well I didn't go to bed last night ... yet again. I know it's going to kill me but ... meh ... I'll survive. On the plus side, my dad found Milton! For those of you who don't know, Milton was an awesome game by MB from back in the 80s. Like a memory game, but it had the greatest sayings ever (Eat Your Toilet For The Win). Heading back to Leeds in a week or so, so I really need to crack on with things.

21st March 08 (20:26)

Turn's out I'm a member of the site Art Grounds. I have brief memories of signing up for it, but oh well. I've had a bit of a clean up of my things at home and after breaking two shredders I've discovered that I own issue one of Neo Magazine! It's been a while since I've read it, and I can't even remember buying the first issue, but it was in a box of things that I was going to throw out (recycle). I'm glad I checked through it after all!
Poirot's on at the moment (as most of you know I love detective storys and mystery solving), and it turns out, like me, he doesn't like odd numbers! I'm not alone!!!

Twentieth of March, two thousands and eight, at quarter past four in the morning

Well I was right about not going to bed ^_^. Anyway, I've updated a few bits on here. First I've put my pictures on my Profile Page. I've set it as random, so you should get a different picture if you refresh the screen. I've also done some updates to the Writings Page by adding my articles and reviews. I think tomorrow (today) I'll crack on with my Japanese studying. I've also got Programming coursework to work on, but I'll leave that until after I've re-learned when we've gone over this year.

Thursday 20.3.08 02:12

It's official ... sorta. The new version of Darlo's World has taken over the site DarlosWorld.co.uk. Hmm, did I need a link there? Probably not. Oh well, seeing as this version's pretty much still under development, you can find the old site by clicking here or the link in the panel on the left. That's all for now, I should be going to bed but to be honest I'm not tired at all. ಠ_ಠ.
I'd also like to thank Sean for now giving me a love of Dragon Force! Practice hard my friend, you will crack expert mode!

19th March 2008 - just after half 8 in the evenin'

Well folks I'm back home in Telford. I came home yesterday after having my car towed back (yes from Leeds ... yes it took ages ... yes uh ... yes). Today I went into Shrewsbury (interesting bus logistics that I won't go into ... same for the trip home) and hung out with some of the old guys (Sean, Dubbs, Simon ... Sean's mom & brother too) and played a little Guitar Hero. It was pretty cool. Yesterday I had a parcel from TokyoPop; another manga to review for Lotaku. It's an interesting one, one that I wasn't expecting to get through the post ... 'The Manga Sutra'.
Thanks to my sister, I've discovered that Steve, the main security guy from Jerry Springer, has his own talkshow. It's pretty much just like Springer show ... and seems to have the exact same set, but Steve lays into the guys on it. Sort of like American Jeremy Kyle.
One last quickie. At Uni I'm part of LS:TV and we cleaned up at the NASTA Awards! Yeah, congrats guys.

17th March 2008 (23.02)

Well today's St Patrick's Day, so yes, this entry's in green! After going into town I stopped at the pub on the way home. I saw some weird lights coming from the back, which I recognised as film studio lights. When I went in I didn't say anything (didn't want to seem the n00b), but was told by the girl behind the bar that Emmerdale were filming in the upstairs flat. I don't normally watch Emmerdale ... and to be honest that won't change.
Something weird happened tonight whilst working on the site. I already knew how small and freaky the world could be, but this even got my attention. My mate Parish had gone home to Norwich for the Easter Break (or as I called it in a Japanese test, Egg Holiday). This evening I had a call from him saying that he met someone there who knew me. I racked my brains trying to think who it could be, but the only person I could remember coming from Norwich was a guy I'd worked with at JCA a few years ago. It turns out by some miracle involving the Japanese language that he'd met someone on the Lotaku forum, Nooj, in a pub in Norwich. Awesome! I love when things like this happen!
As far as the website goes, tonight I've updated the Acting/Video page with various things I've acted in. I've also made a tiny adjustment to the Japanese page.

17th March 2008 - 1.28 in the morning

First of all thanks to Momma Darlo for pointing out I'd spelled "admittedly" wrong in my last entry. Today (last night & this morning) I've changed the Javascript in the Latest Pictures area. After looking at it a few times, I decided I didn't like it changing when you hover over it because it implies every picture that's a link will do the same (which it doesn't). I've also made starts to both the Gallery and the Writing sections.

16th March 2008 (18.23)

Well the site's starting to look more and more like a proper site now. I'm happy with how the main page is looking, so I've started to look at some other parts of the site. I've got the profile page up and have filled it, but I'll probably add to that later on. I've also put up the starts on the Japanese section of the website too. Admittedly the only thing there is a nice large 'Coming Soon' message, but it'll get sorted eventually.

16th March 2008 (2.25am)

Well it's early in the morning now and I've just worked out the major kinks of the site. For the early parts of galleries and so on, things won't neccessarily be in the order that I did them. It depends how lazy I am when the time comes I guess. Quick thanks to Simon, Sean and Carley for testing some Javascript for me.

15th March 2008

Good evening all. Still working on this website so that one day you'll be able to see all this text. That also means that if you're seeing it now, I've asked your opinions on it. Thanks ^_^.

14th March 2008

Well low and behold, my finally updated website! This is going to also be my blog, not too different from my LiveJournal one. Only this will be getting more updates about the random things that happen throughout my life. I'll also be adding things fairly often, so do make sure you check back and see my latest bits and pieces.